🌿What is #ShareSelfCareSept?

This challenge was created as a response to other creative monthly challenges (like #Inktober/#Mermay/#ACEOApril) and I wanted to take the energy that people who participate in those challenges have to try to build better creative habits, to try and refocus that energy into taking care of themselves, and to build better self-care habits.

🌿Who can participate?

Everyone, even if you don’t feel particularly creative. Good self-care habits are an important part of feeling fulfilled in your work and your life as a whole. The #ShareSelfCareSept community is meant to be based on positivity, encouragement, and inclusivity.

🌿How do I participate?

The goal of #ShareSelfCareSept is to help create some accountability around taking care of ourselves by sharing this with the community. There's no real wrong way to do this as long as you are making sure it is a positive process and you are working toward bettering your self-care habits. You can share photos, writing, music, doodles, journal entries, or whatever else helps you better your self-care routine. The initial prompt list is only a suggestion to get the ball rolling and to give you different ideas to get started, they are by no means necessary to follow. If you want more information and/or thoughts on each word, follow Jennifer's Instagram (@JenniferCharlee) each day to get a small thought/quotes/question that expands on the word each day.

The basic idea is:

  1.  Participate in an act of self-care each day in September

       (You can use the prompts for inspiration)

   2. Document and share with #ShareSelfCareSept

   3. Be an encouraging member of the community

   4. Add more ideas to your self-care portfolio

🌿Why is Self-Care important?

Self-care isn't always what you may see portrayed in the media, such as getting a massage, eating a bar of chocolate, or having a glass of wine. Certainly, you can benefit from getting pampered but the true goal of committing to proper self-care for yourself is to avoid burnout, improve your mental health, and feel more fulfilled in your life. This isn't always easy and while there is stigma around mental health struggles like depression or anxiety, there can also be stigma around sharing when we ARE taking care of ourselves. Let's fight that and show off how we are improving ourselves! Let's lead by example where we are open about this improvement so we can help others help themselves (and feel less alone).

🌿What if I can't post everyday, or finish?

Please celebrate the victories of every day and the posts you are able to make, but remember, this is a commitment you are making to yourself to invest in improving your mental health, energy levels, and bring more fulfillment into your life. Sharing posts publicly is simply a way to stay accountable, if you feel you need that, and join in with a positive and supportive community of people who all are committing to themselves this month.

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